About Us

    💗💗We are a top single breed Poodle breeder in California offering Toy/Teacup Poodle puppies for sale. We are located in Corona, CA,  covering an area of 2 acres with extra large backyard, around an hour's drive from Los Angeles, CA.  We are not your average puppy breeder.  We offer Teacup /toy poodle puppies ,From 2-10lbs, with deep red, red, apricot color.

    💗💗We are AKC&CKC dual registered.We strictly follow the breeding principles of AKC&CKC for screening and breeding. We are committed to breeding healthy, sweet, cute, lively, and active puppies, providing the best care for our fur babies that will be a blessing to your family for years to come.

     💗💗We are a home poodle kennel & hobby poodle breeder.All of our dogs are lovingly raised in the home environment, We treat each of them as a member of our family. They are all fully vaccinated and vet checked regularly. all dogs and puppy health guaranteed. 

Our story

    We fell in love with Poodles in 2016 while at college and dreamed of owning one of our own. In 2017, that dream came true with the addition of Nolan to our family! Nolan was our first "child" and comes with us everywhere, even our frequent escapades to the beach and seaside. He is so smart, playful and cute, he makes us laugh everyday. My life routine is healthier and the body is better than before. 

   A few months later, we got busy at school and didn't have time to spend with him, we bought another  poodle " Tang " dumpling to accompany him instead of us when we were not at home. They will accompany us by our side whenever we are, comfort us and accompany us when we are sad. They mean a lot for us. 

  Times flies, with so many people complimenting his personality, color, best looking, and attributes, we decided to give others the opportunity to experience the same unconditional joy we receive by starting Mias Poodle after graduation. 

  In 2023, In order for my babies to have the opportunity to bask in the sunshine in cold winter, we made an important decision ---- moved to the Los Angeles area in California from Texas. All my babies are so so so happy, they like our new home very much. They play with each other very happily in the yard every day. So thankful !