Potty Tray

   Potty Trays Perfected

 For the last 5 years, our pups have been using a shelving unit over top of a generic plastic tray. Every time we worked to clean and scrub the smeared puppy waste, we wished there was a better solution that was specifically designed for what we needed.

  On the other hand, In orderto avoid pups step in poop and walk around or some people don’t have time to walk them after take pups to new homes. 

So we have one! We Provide Potty Trays for sale now ! $50 each

   All dogs and pups of Miaspoodle use this kind Potty Trays, and it works very great!

   As always, please reach out with us (840)200-3987. If need this potty tray take it on puppy picking up day only.

Our Focus: Easy cleaning |Perfect for Pups