About Process

1.First step: Submit a Puppy Application

  You need submit a puppy application to be considered for adoption, New puppy applications open once a litter has been born. To stay up to date with when puppy applications open, please check our website.

2.Second step: Reserve/Choose Your Perfect Puppy

  If your application is selected for adoption, you will be given the opportunity to choose and reserve your puppy. In order to reserve a puppy, a $500 pre deposit is required.You can come to our house to visit or by FaceTime to see the puppy, This pre deposit will be deducted from the 20% deposit of final puppy cost. Deposits are non-refundable. When we receive your deposit, your name will be secured on the reservation list for the litter of your choice. 

  After you make a pre deposit, You can come to our house to visit or by FaceTime to choose a puppy when puppy are 4 weeks old.  Puppy will choose in order. If you choose a puppy, a 20% of total price deposit is needed to hold the puppy for you until 8weeks. This deposit including pre deposit, this deposit will be deducted from final puppy cost.( if 20% of total price deposit is more than $500 shch as $600, you need make other $100 )  Or if you don't choose a puppy you like, you will move to next litter. within

  After you make a 20% deposit, we will hold the puppy for you until he/she is 8weeks old. Puppy will need to be picked up in 8-9 weeks old, if the time exceeds this period, we will charge a borading fee $30/day.

  Buyer Acknowledgments

Buyer further acknowledges and agrees that 

(a.) The timing of litters is uncontrolled, as well as a successful pregnancy. Breeder is not able to control the timing of heat cycles or successful pregnancies

(b.) The deposit gives Buyer a spot on the reservation list but does not guarantee Buyer’s puppy of preference when it is Buyer’s turn to choose his/her puppy

(c.) Buyer understands that clients choose in the order of the reservation list and clients can choose any of the puppies available to them at their puppy selection timeframe. If Buyer is not reachable by phone during his/her puppy selection timeframe, then Buyer will forfeit their placement. 


3.Finally: Prepare for & Add Your New Puppy

  By the time you reserve your puppy, he /she will be ready to come home to you after 8 weeks . On puppy picking day, each family will receive:

  Beginning at birth until they go home, we will post videos and pictures  text so families can see the puppies interact, play, and grow. 

Note: We focus on matching the RIGHT Poodle puppy to the right family. We reserve the right to stop or refuse any puppy sale, even after a deposit is made.

(Puppies can be picked up at our home in person, if need delivery there is a delivery fee or transport by plane go all over the World.)