Sold puppies (Date to start recording on 11/20/2021)

4/29/2023 sold to Richard Song. settling in Katy,TX

4/21/2023 sold to Demaze Austin. settling in Houston

4/27/2023 sold to Horace Johnte. settling inHouston,TX

5/19/2023 sold to Brandon Nash, settling in houston, TX

4/15/2023 sold to Chenyu  Hao. settling in New York, NY

4/25/2023 sold to Li Niu. settling in Orlando, FL

4/27/2023 sold to Selina Hodogbey. settling in Chicago

4/1/2023 sold to  peter. settling in houston, TX

4/16/2023 sold to Peter. settling in Dallas, TX

4/14/2023 sold to Jun Yu. settling in Atlanta, GA

4/15/2023 sold to Morgan M Neal. settling in Houston, TX

4/15/2023 sold to Brandon . settling in Houston , TX

3/07/2023 sold to Arica. settling in Chicago, WI 

3/11/2023 sold to April Ely. settling inDallas, TX

3/13/2023 sold to Nash. settling in Houston, TX

3/11/2023 sold to Ling. settling in San Antonio, TX.

3/08/2023 sold to Porsche Gail. settling in Houston, TX

3/07/2023 sold to Gigi. settling in SanFrancisco, LA

3/07/2023 sold to Wong. settling in SanFrancisco, LA

1/04/2023 sold to Kina. settling in Austin, TX.

12/22/2022 sold to Yanyan . settling in Houston, TX.

12/18/2022 sold to Pear. settling in Oklahoma, OK

12/09/2022 sold to Kirti. settling in Houston, TX.

12/07/2022 sold to Kelly. settling in Long Island, NY.

10/16/2022 sold to Jack. settling in Houston, TX.

11/05/2022 sold to Ming. settling in SanFrancisco, LA

10/23/2022 sold to Linda. settling in Chicago, WI 

10/18/2022 sold to Peter. settling in Austin, TX

11/08/2022 sold to Lu. settling in Minneapolis, MN 

 11/11/2022 sold to Fanfan. settling in Chicago, WI 

10/15/2022 sold to Gibeau. settling in New Orleans, TX

11/1/2022 sold to Sutton. settling in Dallas, TX 

10/20/2022 sold to Zoe. settling in Houston, TX 

10/25/2022 sold to Hong. settling in San Francisco, LA

10/04/2022 sold to Guijun Du. settling in Dallas, TX

10/04/2022 sold to Fangfang. settling in Dallas, TX 

 10/12/2022 sold to Mindy. settling in Dallas, TX

07/1/2022 sold to Hongmei Liu. settling in Atlanta, GA 30315

07/10/2022 sold to Jim. settling in Woca, TX 76706

07/04/2022 sold to Yufan Chen. settling in Seattle, WA 98158

 06/25/2022 sold to WJ Shi. settling in Houston, TX 77056

06/18/2022 8weeks. sold to Song. settling in Tomball, TX 77375

06/18/2022 sold to Song. settling in Tomball, TX 77375

 06/14/2022 sold to Joyce. settling in Freeport, TX 77541

 02/06/2022 sold to Ross Kim. settling in Dallas, TX 75207

01/26/2022 sold to Li Wei. settling in Orange, TX 77630

02/04/2022 sold to Joi King. settling in Houston, TX 77009

01/22/2022 sold to David Chan. settling in Los Angeles, CA 90007

12/02/2021 sold to Xiaoyan Liu. settling in Camp Verde, AZ 86322

12/28/2021 sold to Xiaolin Zhang. settling in West Covina, CA 91791

11/28/2021 sold to Porter. settling in Las Vegas, NV 89109

12/15/2021 sold to Miss Baoz. settling in Chino Hills, CA 91709

11/20/2021 sold to a  young Indian doctor. settling in Irvine, CA 92618

11/22/2021 sold to Lily. settling in Chino,CA 91708