Poodle Stud services

  We realize the importance of finding a healthy stud from a breeder you can trust.  Dogs are our passion, and we work tirelessly to help not only help our families find the best the puppy, but also our stud clients to find the best match for their breeding program. 

  As always, please reach out with any questions on our contact us page or text(840)200-3987.

Health tested

All of our studs are thoroughly tested using and found free of any genetic malformations, and passed with clean bill of health.


All of our studs are AKC&CKC registered.They are both AKC&CKC purebred poodles. We can provide AKC/CKC paper if you needed.

Our Guarantee

We understand coordinating when to breed and finding the right stud can be stressful. With MiasPoodle, we will work closely with you to time when to breed by tracking progesterone levels during the heat cycle. We have a very high success rate for yielding large beautiful litters. If for some reason your female doesn’t get pregnant, and you did progesterone testing you will receive a free breeding on her next heat cycle.


Nolan of MiasPoodle is a male soild red toy poodle, 7-8lbs

Stud fee :$2000


Nono of MiasPoodle is a male dark soild red teacup poodle, 3lbs

Stud fee :$4000